From the Editor

We are very happy to say hello to you in this first issue of the journal of Near East University Faculty of Architecture, which started to be published in September 2019.

The scarcity of the number of scientific journals and the difficulty of access, especially in the social sciences and more particularly in the field of Architecture, forced the idea of publishing this journal. We aimed not only to publish another academic journal, but also to create a publishing platform that would be free to collaborate with readers and writers.

With this issue, I would like to thank Assoc. Dr. Buket Asilsoy as Assistant Editor, Hüseyin Aşkaroğlu for his contributions regarding the corporate identity of the journal, Orhan Özkılıç for his contributions in web developing; Hakan Sağlam, Turgay Salihoğlu, Havva Arslangazi, Salih Gücel who contributed with their careful evaluations for the articles as increasing the scientific quality of the journal in the first issue. In addition, I would like to thank Gökhan Özdemir, Çimen Özburak, Çilen Erçin, Hakan Sağlam, Ümran Duman and Buket Asilsoy for their contributions as the authors who participated in this issue with their articles.

We have identified the theme of the first issue as “sustainability”. He hoped that the journal would be sustainable either. This issue consists of articles that discuss the concept of sustainability in different ways in accordance with the theme. I think these writings are interesting in terms of their relevance to the theme, as well as the authors' methodological attitudes, the problems they are interested in, the language they use and the resources they refer to.

Wishing success and luck to the authors and readers of the journal of NEU Faculty of Architecture…

Yours truly,
Prof. Dr. A. Zeynep Onur