Interrelation of Exhibition Design and Art Work and Günsel Art Museum as an Example of Exhibition Design in TRNC

  • Serkad Hasan Işıkören Near East University
Keywords: Exhibition design, Information design, Art museums


In order to understand and perceive the true message of art works, exhibition design and as a related subject information design are popular interdisciplinary subjects of last few decades. The exhibitions and art museums that is rooted back to 15th century, evolved in time and designed more aesthetically in consideration of scientific studies and artistic approach of modern understanding of 20th century. In this progressive globalism,Turkish Republic of North Cyprus could not complete its intellectual evolution because of ethnic and political conflicts that goes back 1930’s, rose in 50’s and ended up with Turkey’s intervention in 1974. The aim of this study is  to investigate the contribution of Universities that was established after 1974 in TRNC to the artistic developments of Art museums and sellected Günsel Art Museum will be explored as the case study for this article.